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It's What's Inside That Counts: The Importance of Interior Signage for Your Business

It's What's Inside That Counts: The Importance of Interior Signage for Your Business


So, you've finally opened the doors to your new business or prepped for a major sale and everything seems great. You're ringing up sales but you could be totaling even more. Want to know how?

With attractive and effective interior signage. The right signage can establish your brand, deliver your company's message, give customers direction, and promote your seasonal items. You can accomplish some of these things with outdoor signage, of course, but you can't rely on it alone. Interior signage is key.

In this article, we're going to go over the important factors of indoor signage so you can see how crucial it really is for your company. Rely on interior signs to:

1. Raise Brand Awareness 

First impressions are everything, that's why it's important that interior signage like a lobby sign is the first thing that customers see. It will give you the opportunity to create brand awareness as soon as they walk in.

Make sure the sign is visually appealing and displays your logo and  company colors. Customers likely see many businesses much like yours every year and a good reception room sign will help them distinguish your operation from the rest.    

2. Display Information

How can customers know you're having a huge sale if you don't tell them? Interior signs are the perfect way to alert shoppers to promotions and new inventory arrivals.

Other signs can deliver practical rather than promotional messages For example, if you operate a medical facility, you might employ informational signs to give patients a basic rundown of different diseases, or suggest health procedures they should be practicing at home. 

3. Promote a Seasonal Feel

The good thing about many interior signs is that they can be easily changed with the seasons and holidays. So when Thanksgiving ends and Christmas begins, it's often just a matter of going around and changing the signs out to signify this change

One example?  Most coffee shops feature seasonal drinks like pumpkin spice lattes during the fall and peppermint mochas during the winter. Your customers won't know when you make this change if you don't have signs up in your store alerting them to your seasonal drinks. 

4. Comply with ADA Regulations 

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), you are required by law to post certain signage in your store or facility. These signs include those for handicap-accessible areas like your restrooms, sitting places, and changing rooms. 

You'll want to make yourself familiar with ADA-compliant font sizes, colors, installation heights, and other requirements. The best way to make sure that you adhere to the rules is to work with a sign company that is experienced with ADA regulations

5. Give Directions

The ease with which shoppers or others can find their way around your facility has a direct effect on customer satisfaction.

Reduce visitor frustration — and increase the likelihood they’ll make a purchase or otherwise have a favorable experience — by posting ample directional signage throughout your store, restaurant, office or other interior space.

An added benefit or two? If visitors can readily find their way around with your wayfinding signage, the less likely they’ll ask your employees for directions or arrive late for appointments.

6. Display Key Messages 

No matter your company or organization, it’s likely you have a distinct message you want to communicate to customers or others. Often, it’s a mission statement and core values that defines who you are and what you stand for. For others, it’s an advertising tagline that sums up your value proposition. 

Fast food restaurants may display taglines on their cups and bags, but for other corporations, it’s the role of interior signage to display key message—often in reception rooms on lobby signs or on well-traveling interior hallways via wall graphics.

7. Enhance the Atmosphere 

Plain, white walls sometimes make people feel a little uncomfortable. If your interior décor isn’t interesting, customers or visitors can become detached from your business.

Attractive and engaging interior signage and wall art will breathe life into your place! Provide an appealing mix of both. Imagine, for example, a coffee shop without art or an office without photographs as a complement to any promotional or informational interior signs. It makes for a cold and uninviting experience! 

Consider Interior Signage for Your Business 

Indoor signage is a great way to promote your business. As you’ve read, it’s also an excellent way to inform, comply and direct among many other benefits. Keep reading to see unique ways to display it. 


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