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Increase Your Brand Visibility With These Trade Show Booth Ideas

Increase Your Brand Visibility With These Trade Show Booth Ideas


Getting ready for a trade show? Looking for ways to stand out from the crowd?

Attending a trade show can be a huge help for your business and can allow you to get more new clients and customers than ever. However, it does take some effort to get the undivided attention of attendees who are passing by your booth.

Luckily, we're here to help. Below we'll give you a few trade show booth ideas that can help you increase your brand visibility and easily draw a crowd.

1. Arrange Your Booth Right

One of the most important things to do when preparing your booth is to make sure you've decorated your booth well and chosen a good set up. Think hard about the layout of your booth and make sure that it allows you to show off your products well.

You should arrange your table and booth properly to make sure that everything is seen clearly as people are walking by. Add the larger stuff to the back of a table and the smaller items in the front so everything is easily seen.

You should look for some flashy ways to catch the attention of people passing by but remember that less is more. A booth that is too cluttered can be an eyesore but adding just the right amount of flourishes can work wonders.

2. Add Some Eye-catching Displays

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One of the best ways you can make your booth grab more attention is to add some eye-catching displays and graphics to your booth. Adding a presentation board, a chart, a large logo or another design can be a great way to stand out to people passing by.

You can get as creative as you want when adding displays to your booth. If you want to get really fancy you may even try adding a display that lights up or moves in some way. The right type of display can get people to come over to your booth and may even lead to people talking about your booth throughout the trade show.

3. Draw Attention With Videos and Slideshows

When building your trade show booth, it's also a good idea to add some videos or slideshows to attract attention.

Adding a monitor or TV that displays a video related to your company can be a great tool. Having a video play on a flatscreen TV or monitor can help draw attention and add extra visual interest to your booth.

Use a video or slideshow to tell people about your company's history or to help them understand what your products have to offer them. Make sure that whatever you use is relevant to what you do or that it adds to the message you want to send about your products or your company.

The right video can attract more people to your booth and help get your business a little bit of extra attention at the trade show.

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4. Get Creative With Your Booth Walls

While the walls of a trade show booth are often overlooked by companies, adding walls and getting creative with them can really help your trade show booth stand out. The right walls can attract a lot of attention.

You may choose to line your walls with products that your visitors can look through or purchase. The walls are also a place you may want to add an eye-catching design or something which can get the attention of attendees.

Adding walls which close in all or part of your trade show booth can also make it easier for you to eliminate distractions. Once someone comes to your booth and starts speaking with you they'll be able to enter a new world and see what you have to offer.

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5. Add Some Comfortable Seating

In a busy trade show, sometimes attendees want nothing more than to sit down and rest for a few moments.

Adding some comfortable or eye-catching seating can be a great strategy that can get some new visitors and foot traffic to your booth. By adding a seating area to your booth, you'll give people a chance to calm down and rest. When they do, they'll have no other choice than to check out what you have to offer.


6. Give Out Freebies

One of the most tried-and-true ways of drawing attention to a trade show booth is to give out a great freebie that makes people want to stop by.?

The best thing is to choose a giveaway promotional item that people can actually use during and after the trade show. Pens, water bottles, magnets or any other small item with your brand logo can be a great help in promoting your booth.

As an alternative, you may also choose to give out some discounts or gift certificates for future purchases. Adding some free food or drinks to your booth can also be a sure way to attract attention and get more visitors.

booth decoration for trade show - Image 3607. Hold a Raffle or Contest

In addition to giving away promotional items and freebies, you may also want to give out a larger prize or item to just one or two lucky winners. Holding a raffle or other type of contest is sure to attract attention and get some interest in your booth.

You may choose to give out free credit for use at your business after the trade show is finished, one of your products, or another type of item. Whatever you decide to give away, a contest can be a great way to build your reputation and gain some extra attention at the trade show.

8. Demonstrate Your Work

While you should be attracting the attention of event attendees with various displays and giveaways that you have, don't forget to actually show off what your business has to offer. Displaying your best products and your achievements for all to see can sometimes do far more for building buzz than any other kinds of gimmicks you can think of.

Be sure to post some examples of your work in your booth and look for ways to show off who you are as a company. Use great looking displays and videos to build your brand's reputation and showcase your best work.

Successfully Using These Trade Show Booth Ideas

Using the trade show booth ideas listed above can be a great way to stand out and get more attention to your trade show booth. As a result, you'll be able to get plenty of new clients, customers and contacts at the event and feel fully satisfied after your trade show appearance.

Need help creating the best displays and signage for your next trade show? Contact us today to learn more about what Image360 can do for you.


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