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How to Make your Trade Show Display Stand Out

How to Make your Trade Show Display Stand Out


Event marketing has its challenges. Chiefly, how to make your trade show display stand out? How do you attract the interested while persuading the disinterested?

After all, the same qualities that led you to the event are likely drawing many others with a similar focus — all of which will be competing with you booth-to-booth for the attention (and business) of those prime prospects!

To draw them in, you’ll need to stand out! Here six great ways to do so:

1.Begin with your display: Before addressing signage, consider how you want to present your company. Convention display stand choices range from simple kiosks and pop-up displays to “standard” display stands you can individualize with graphics. Other choices include modular and one-of-kind displays and custom trade show exhibits. Your budget will guide you. Review your choices with an experienced trade show display and convention signage resource. Tip: Be sure to provide enough secure storage space for your event team’s personal gear and company’s promotional products.

2.Compare signage options before choosing: From convention booth banners and banner stands to trade show backdrop displays, suspended convention signs and even floor graphics, there’s no shortage of ways to promote your presence. If possible, attend the show a season before to note the opportunities. Better yet, do so in the company of your trade show signage provider. They can brainstorm with you on ideas and discuss the prices of different options.

Trade Show Ceiling Display

3.Adhere to the rule of three: Many smart event marketers depend on three types of elevated signage to make their trade show displays stand out. The positioning of these signs depends on how far away attendees stand from your booth. For example, your long-range choice might be ceiling signs that are suspended above your trade show exhibit. Medium-range graphics appear above eye level, perhaps eight or 10 feet from the floor. As for short-range graphics, mount these on or near your convention display at eye level, which is probably about 6 feet above the floor.

4.Use big graphics: To engage a crowd you must first attract attention. In fact, you’ll have just a few seconds to make a good impression, so you want attendees from across the hall to notice your exhibit display quickly. Accomplish this by choosing the largest trade show booth banners, ceiling displays and digital signs that the event space — and your signage budget — allows!

Trade Show Kiosk

5.Make the most of your back wall: For most small- to mid-sized trade show booths, the back wall will be the main focal point. (Larger booths enjoy more display spaces.) Design your trade show backdrop display carefully. Use it to draw attention to your convention display stand and carry your primary promotional graphics.

6.Go digital, if possible: From sales presentations on iPads, tablets or color monitors to digital signage and even interactive touch screens, the trade show world is growing ever more digital. After all, digital solutions often do a great job of attracting attention and can be an excellent way show eye-catching images or videos of your products or services in action. Evaluate your options with your trade show signage provider.

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