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How Can a Company Logo Enhance your Lobby or Reception Area?

How Can a Company Logo Enhance your Lobby or Reception Area?


It’s said you have but one chance to make a great first impression. And, you can do just that by positioning a company sign on the first wall people see when they enter your company or organization. Or a 3D logo sign above the reception desk. Consider a lobby sign in dimensional lettering that spells out your company name, front and center, above of the reception desk itself.

With today’s signage, you’ll have many opportunities to impress!

A final word on branding your facility. Setting the right tone in your lobby is a great start. But, don’t stop there. Wallpaper your other interior walls in your custom, corporate colors. Establish a history wall of significant accomplishments, perhaps with patent drawings or archival photos. Display inspirational quotes, mission statements or core values. Or, how about a mural of international locations if your company has global operations? The many ways to brand with today’s signage, display and graphics are limited only by your imagination!  

To benefit from custom reception signs and more, contact Image360 Corona.

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