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When Creating a New Sign, Be Sure to Hire a Pro who Knows your City’s Codes

When Creating a New Sign, Be Sure to Hire a Pro who Knows your City’s Codes


A business that mounts new storefront signage, billboards or other exterior signs without first knowing their city’s codes for signage is flirting with disaster.

Intent on reducing visual clutter, preventing competitive “sign wars” and preserving the character of a community, many municipalities require exterior signage permits. To obtain one, you’ll be required to submit a plan to ensure your proposed outdoor advertising sign meets ordinances regarding its size, height, location, lighting and the number of other signs on your building or property.  

More red tape? Be aware that many shopping centers also have their own set of signage guidelines set up by the landlord. Other ordinances may govern political signs, sandwich boards and street address signs.   

Failure to comply with municipal signage codes can be costly. Fines for unpermitted outdoor advertising signs can be substantial, reaching hundreds or even thousands of dollars per sign per day in some large cities. Other municipalities simply remove noncompliant exterior signs… at the sole expense the owner.

So, what’s a business to do when contemplating new storefront signage—both permanent and temporary? And, how about repositioning a current example, or even retrofitting an existing one to create an energy efficient LED sign to enjoy the advantages of illumination?

It’s a great idea to work with a local signage professional who is knowledgeable with local regulations and permitting practices. Not only can they steer your creative thoughts to signage solutions that are allowable thereby saving you time and money, they can also help provide the plans and advise you on the processes you’ll need to obtain your permit.

For expert assistance signage, including advice on regulations and permitting, rely on Image360 Corona.

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