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Etched Vinyl Graphics: Add Privacy to Glass Windows or Enhance your Branding and Décor

Etched Vinyl Graphics: Add Privacy to Glass Windows or Enhance your Branding and Décor


As the manager of a building, mall, office or entertainment facility — or the owner of a store or restaurant — you might be interested in how easily and economically today’s etching decals and applied adhesives can serve as privacy films or design elements for your glass doors and windows. 

Begin with privacy. Add etching decals of your company logo or other graphics to the glass windows of corporate boardrooms or executive offices. Made of vinyl, they’ll allow light to enter and help maintain a spacious feel while preventing roving eyes from focusing on any presentation materials or interview candidates within.

Consider, too, applying frosted vinyl designs to glass panels below the handrails of stairways and balconies. They’ll shield guests and employees who may be wearing skirts, shorts or dresses from unwanted attention from people on lower floors.

Branding, beautification, and identification are three more reasons to consider frosted vinyl and lettering for your facility. Showcasing your logo on exterior glass windows and doors is a great way to identify your operation to people — whether they’re on the street, in the concourse of a mall or walking the hallways of an office building.

Work with your interior designer to use vinyl cuttings or etched designs to accent the décor of your office, store, restaurant or other facilities. A vinyl decal that matches the graphic design of your products, services or industry is another way to both enhance your design and reinforce your corporate identity.

Many schools, hospitals, and others employ etched vinyl graphics as signage on doors to inform people of the offices and departments they lead to. 

One other final advantage to etching windows, doors and glass dividers? Safety. Any large expanse of glass can benefit from vinyl graphics. They’ll signal distracted walkers (e.g., smartphone users or folks in a hurry) that a barrier exists to help avoid painful and embarrassing collisions!

For expert assistance with frosted vinyl graphics, look to Image360 Corona.

Your local resource for graphics that enhance, signage that works and displays that inform, we assist businesses and organizations with vinyl graphics and vinyl letters for all applications — and every budget! To get started, contact us today.


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