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Eight Benefits of Using Window & Door Graphics

Eight Benefits of Using Window & Door Graphics


Usually situated along the front or sides of your business’ location, windows and doors are prime real estate for promotional or informational messages. If you’re not yet using this space to its full potential, consider the many benefits of employing window graphics and door graphics:

  1. They’re affordable. Compared to many other options, window decals and static-cling graphics are attractively low in cost.
  2. They’re ideal for promotional use. You wouldn’t use a monument sign to advertise a sale… but you should consider custom vinyl decals for one-time or short-term promotional signage alerting passersby to sales, holiday mark-downs, new services, fresh inventory or special events!
  3. They’re (often) permit-free. Although you’ll want to check to be sure, storefront window graphics often don’t require city permits — saving you the time and money necessary to obtain them.
  4. They’re readily renewable. After repeated viewings, some people stop noticing signage. The affordability and simple interchangeability of static-cling window stickers enable you to replace and refresh your messages regularly.
  5. They’re hard working. While primarily used for advertising, consider using custom vinyl decals with promotional messages or decorative designs to shield interiors from strong sunlight, cut energy costs related to cooling or spare visitors from unsightly views of dumpsters or alleys.
  6. They’re flexible. Window graphics and door graphics come in two types. Select custom decals for outdoor applications or longer-term use. Opt for static-cling window stickers for signage that’s easily repositioned or even reused from season to season. Also, perforated window graphics present a message to people on one side while offering an unimpeded view to those on the other side.
  7. They’re decorative. Consider window graphics and door graphics for uses beyond advertising. When used indoors on glass walls, for example, they can carry your branding, enhance your décor or add an element of privacy to conference rooms or executive offices.
  8. They’re informative. Don’t be reluctant to think small. Many companies use modest-size window decals on front doors to post addresses, phone numbers, hours of operation and other useful business information, including simple but much-appreciated instructions, such as “Push to enter.”

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