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DIY ROI: How to Improve the ROI of Your Mobile Advertising

DIY ROI: How to Improve the ROI of Your Mobile Advertising


There are different forms of advertising that can get businesses in front of their target audience. Mobile marketing is one. With vehicle advertising wraps you own the media and once it is paid for you are free to use it for as long and as often as you like.

Like most digital advertising your mobile ads can be seen by thousands of people. However, this doesn't mean those individuals are your target audience. A company that uses mobile advertising must also take into consideration that their ad is most useful when the vehicle is in use.

The question for businesses is, how do you calculate your return on investment (ROI)? Continue reading and we'll show you how to determine if your mobile ad is producing results.

partial car wrapWhat is Mobile Advertising?

There are two types of mobile advertising. The first is ads that appear on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

The second is advertising that moves. Placing information about your business on a t-shirt or other personal items is considered mobile advertising. It can also be advertising graphics affixed to a vehicle.

Cars, vans, trucks, and trailers can be used to promote your business.

Mobile graphics can be anything from lettering on your car to a full vehicle wrap. They can be attached to a small portion of the vehicle or encompass every inch including windows.

The goal of vehicle wraps is to make your vehicle or fleet of vehicles a moving billboard.

Getting a Professional Wrap

To get a great ROI for your mobile advertising budget, explore multiple mobile advertising companies. You will want one with a proven track record for producing quality vehicle advertising graphics.

Determine what message you want to convey. Do you only want your business name, website, and other contact information? Contractors may want to add their contractor's license and mention they are insured and bonded.

For companies that offer creative services, images from a highly successful project can dominate the graphic. The goal is to draw attention to what your business offers. However, you don't want to be a distraction to drivers, so leave shock and awe on the cutting room floor.

Choose a graphic designer experienced with vehicle advertising to help you stay on message.

truck fleet graphicsReaching the Greatest Audience

Studies have shown that vehicle wraps can get between 30,000 to 70,000 impressions per day. Add to that most wraps have had a lifespan that has exceeded five years.

Grant it, there may be times when you may want to change your image, logo, messaging, or perhaps your business as relocated. With the low cost of getting a vehicle wrap created and installed, it is still not that big of an investment.

Once you have made the decision to wrap a vehicle or a whole fleet, you need to get your vehicles on the road to reach your audience.

For a greater ROI in mobile advertising, some companies do the following:

Park Vehicle at Customer Locations

If your company offers a service that requires visits to the customer's location, consider leaving your truck or van parked out front.

If you are repairing an AC, installing a new roof or doing construction, having your business advertisement visible to neighbors is a win. Your vehicle becomes a marquee showcasing all of your contact information. No more asking workers for info that may redirect business from your company to that of their family member or friend.

Hire Drivers During Down Time

Not all businesses require continuous travel or offsite work. A vehicle wrap can still be a good marketing tool.

Mobile advertising companies don't just wrap vehicles. They also create magnetic signs that can be placed on car doors. Or they can create car decals that are smaller advertising that can be affixed to a window.

Offer incentives to customers for placing your logo on a back window, or using a door magnet advertising when they attend a child's little league game.

vehicle graphicsIncorporate Social Media into Your Design

We're living in a digital world, so your company should have a social media presence as part of your marketing strategy. To improve your ROI, incorporate your social media keywords and tags into your mobile advertising design.

A person may not have a pen and pad ready to take down your information, but they can speak your social media handle into a smart device and pull up your information quickly.

Be sure to have consistent designs across all platforms. It not only provides a cohesive look, but a potential customer will be able to verify they are on the right page if graphics match.

Once you have sealed the deal, have the new client take a photo in front of your vehicle and post to platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. Consumers trust word of mouth from family, friends and random people on social media, over business advertising.

Can We Interest You In a Vehicle Wrap?

Now that you know how to get a ROI on mobile advertising, it's time to  use your vehicle as a marketing magnet. Contact us for a quick and easy quote.


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