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Your Complete Guide to Business Vehicle Graphics

Your Complete Guide to Business Vehicle Graphics


When you see a delivery truck parked in front of a restaurant unloading a case of soft drinks, you don't need to get up close to know what the company is. Chances are, you spotted it from blocks away.

Whether you have one or one hundred vehicles associated with your business, using them for advertising is just savvy marketing. Why wouldn't you want to advertise right on the car?

Vehicle graphics on your business vehicles can potentially reach hundreds of people every day. They become one with you and your company. Let's take a closer look at how vehicle advertising will increase sales and your visibility.

Why you need Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle GraphicsThere is any number of reasons why you and your employees are using company vehicles. Even if it's just one or two vehicles, having your company logo or contact on the side will get noticed everywhere you go.


Even companies with tight advertising budgets need to consider using graphics on their vehicles. If you use vehicles for deliveries or run a landscaping or house cleaning business, it's by far the best way to get your brand out there.

The return on investment for business vehicle wraps compared to other advertising shows the highest return. When people can see it around the clock, every day for several years, it really works out to very little per day.

No need to keep running ads on other sources that require new contracts, a new payment or even updated materials or product. This will go on for as long as you have the vehicle or replace the wrap with something new.

Increased Visibility

When your vehicles are moving around the city, making deliveries or providing a service, there are thousands of people who will see these vehicles. And your signage.

Within a neighborhood alone, people will see your vehicle, see the work you do and take note. It's not like a neighbor to take note of your daily movements, so if they see your cleaning company, they will want to use them, as well.

Even sitting stuck in traffic can get people interested. Staring at the back of a vehicle with advertising is working to a captive audience. The next time they need your product or service, they will remember you without even knowing why.

Truck GraphicsGet Creative

This is the perfect opportunity to let your creativity fly. It will be fun for you to come up with something clever or amusing. People love to see something out of the ordinary and love to take pictures of it and share it on social media.

This means you can reach a wider audience, still. Using humor or a fun, colorful design stays with people and they are more likely to remember it. The more creative, the more it gets noticed.

Passive Advertising

There is nothing aggressive or in-your-face about wrapping your business vehicles in graphics. The advertising goes to the people, nothing is required of them but to look at it. It doesn't make people feel like they are looking at advertising at all.

Potential customers can enjoy looking at your graphics and absorb your message from afar. They aren't interrupted or pushed to listen to something that has the potential to annoy them.

Going Mobile

This is a massive bonus. Traveling around all over the city and beyond takes your company everywhere you go. Hundreds and thousands of people can see your logo or design.

It means your target audience is everyone. The possibilities for future sales from this method are endless. It also means you can really target your audience locally. You are often taking the same route every day, so your company will become familiar to them.


You may hear a lot of new customers say, 'we saw your vehicle in traffic', we saw you working at the neighbor's house', 'we see you making deliveries every morning'. This lets you know it's effectiveness. It's a great way to track your effectiveness.

Truck graphicsSitting Still

Even parked, your vehicle is seen by any number of people. If you or your employees use the vehicles after hours, it's really just free advertising. Parked in a large parking lot or strategically parked at the entrance of a busy business, your reach is unlimited.

Even people just driving past your parked vehicles at your home still see it every day and remember your colors, your logo, and your product. It's impossible to not be seen, even just sitting there.

Protect your Vehicle

The wrapping method of adding graphics goes on over top of your vehicle's paint job, thereby protecting it against regular wear and tear. The vinyl acts as a coating against rocks, bugs, and things that can dent, ding or cause the paint or finish to stain.

These design wraps can also be removed, when needed and replaced with other designs or updated graphics to keep your brand current. You can cover the entire vehicle, just portions of it or even certain, specific parts.

Public Vehicles

If you don't have company vehicles or access to them, you can also buy advertising space on other public vehicles, and have that carry your brand around. City and public transit vehicles will get your company the attention of thousands of people every day.

There are graphics for windows, for boats, and even small planes. If wraps aren't ideal, there are magnetic panels and strips you can add to the doors or the roof of your vehicle, or if your vehicles are leased

Wrap it Up

Pizza delivery, medical supplies, florists, any vehicle that is used for business needs to broadcast that fact loud and proud. The potential of drawing in new customers is remarkably large.

If you don't use vehicle graphics for advertising you are really missing out on increased sales and wide ranges of visibility. If you need more information or a quote for your business's vehicles, please contact us here.


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