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Let's Get Graphic, Shall We? A Guide to Business Wall Graphics

Let's Get Graphic, Shall We? A Guide to Business Wall Graphics


Did you know that blood flow in your brain increases when you look at art just as it does when you look at the person you love?

This art includes more than just Van Gough's popular paintings. It also includes the wall graphics in your business. 

By incorporating wall art into your business, you are not only giving employees and customers something to look at, but you are ultimately increasing blood flow to their brain, which has an array of cognitive benefits. 

If you are interested in the complete benefits of wall graphics, this guide will walk you through everything you need to know to choose the best wall graphics for your company. 

Benefits Of Wall Graphics 

Wall graphics and murals are more than just something for people to look at. While the array of designs are endless, so are the benefits that come along with them. Here are just a few of the most beneficial outcomes that incorporating wall graphics can achieve.  

Communicate Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is very important when it comes to businesses. It relays missions, goals, employee personality traits and business operations.

However, corporate culture is often implied, but you can visually define it in your office with the appropriate wall graphics. This will remind employees why their work is important and that the company they work for is more than just another business.  

Wall graphics can instantly dress up that drab conference room. Instead of talking to half asleep accountants in a completely gray room, implement a colorful accent wall with the company's logo or even core values. Believe it or not, this simple change to a boring office setting can make all of the difference in an employee's attitude and work ethic. 

Promote A Product 

Wall art is one of the easiest ways to promote a product, service or event without having to verbally sell customers or clients on purchasing a product. 

For example, everyone loves a good food photograph. A wall graphic of a decadent slice of chocolate cake will be staring every customer in the eyes during their entire meal, which will make your customer's mouths water all the way up until dessert. Your customers will have already decided to order that chocolate cake before their entrees even hit the table. 

Complement A Vibe 

Interior wall graphics are more than something engaging for people to look at. They also can convey a vibe or a mood to both clients and employees. Think about how you want people to feel when they walk into your office and then choose a wall graphic based on that emotion. 

For example, if you own a medical practice, you want patients to feel calm and at ease when they arrive for their appointment. A nature graphic would work perfectly for this because it is very calming.

If you own a hair salon, glamour style murals of beautiful women with amazing hair will look perfect on your walls. You want your guests to look at the art on the wall and imagine themselves looking exactly like that when they walk out of your salon. 

Inspire With Pictures Or Quotes

Wall graphics provide a perfect opportunity to inspire your employees in the office. If you have a blank wall, it is an ideal place for an inspiring quote to get your employees out of their Monday blues. It also shows your clients that they are surrounded by like-minded individuals and that their business is in good hands with your company. 

What better way to kick off a productive day than with some positive quotes to inspire your employees. Imagine being in a creative rut and looking up in frustration to see the words "Dreams don't work unless you do" painted in huge letters. Say goodbye to uninspired employees and hello to endless productivity with wall graphics. 

Storefront SignMaybe It's Just Time For A Change

The benefits of wall graphics are never-ending, but maybe you don't need a reason to implement some much-needed art. Maybe you just want a change in your environment, and that is perfectly OK. Interior wall art is a great way to easily and effectively give your space a new face.

Maybe your storefront is a little drab and you want to dress it up. Maybe the beige wall taking up a quarter of the space in your office is really just starting to bore you.

Or maybe you already have some wall graphics up, but it is time to give your brand a total redo. The great thing about wall graphics is that the possibilities are endless and they can easily be replaced without completely revamping your building. 

Mural, Vinyl, Or Print? 

So by this point, you probably understand how beneficial interior art is to a business. But you are probably wondering how you should go about incorporating that art onto your walls.

Should you have a painter come in and directly paint a mural? Should you order a vinyl that can you can stick and peel? Or should you frame the art and hang it up?

The answer depends on what your end goal is. 

While hiring a painter is a fun experience, the cost of hiring an in-house painter might be out of your budget. It is rather expensive to hire someone to complete this task because not only are you paying for the paint supplies, but you are also paying for the many hours of labor that goes into the painting. 

Vinyl wall art is convenient. Third-party companies can print the art directly on vinyl. All you have to do is peel, stick and align your new wall art.

Plus, it is removable if you ever want to change it. You can even get a vinyl printed the size of a wall to make it appear as if an artist painted you a mural. 

Hanging art up in a frame is a very cost-effective solution to implementing interior art. All you are paying for is the ink, the paper, and the frame. Plus, you can always print new images and reuse the frames if you get bored with your original wall graphics. 

What Wall Art Will You Choose? 

The possibilities of wall graphics are endless. You can liven up your store, office, salon, restaurant or anything else you can think of.

The best part is that there is no wrong answer to what wall art you should use. You get to use your creativity to decide what wall graphic is going to work best for your company.  

If you need any assistance or guidance on your wall art journey, feel free to take a look at our graphics products grouped by industry to get you started in the right direction. 

Happy creating!

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