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9 Unique Ways to Use Signage to Promote Your Business

9 Unique Ways to Use Signage to Promote Your Business


Did you know that 50 percent of shoppers visit a business because of the signage used to promote the company outside the storefront? The right combination of banners and signs can grab the attention of potential new customers and drive sales.

Beautifully crafted signs can give you a competitive edge and make your business thrive.

Looking for inspiration? Here are nine unique ways to use business signage to promote your company. photo 11. Lights Can Enhance Your Sign

Using lights to enhance your sign will easily help catch the attention of those who are passing by. Lights on signs are especially helpful if people pass by your business a lot during the night when it's dark.

Place signs in the form of light boxes and signs that light up from the back. These will make your message legible on your storefront to those who are far away.

You can also stand apart from other businesses on the street by installing a LED reader board that allows you to explain in more detail what services, products or specials you offer.

2. Word Choice Is a Powerful Tool

Choose your wording carefully when creating your signs. Say only what conveys the message of your product or service. Don't put too much information on one sign because they reader can get confused and may not know where to look first.

Be selective with your wording and make sure every phrase makes an impact.

You can start by using a catchy headline and following it up with some text to explain the statement. If you have room, provide a call to action to the reader, such as "subscribe" or "join for free."

If you're using large billboards to attract customers, keep in mind that they only have around three seconds to read and understand your message. Remembering this will help you keep the message short, sweet and to the point.

3. Custom Wraps

Creating custom wraps is one way to incorporate modern signage into your workplace.

You can add graphics to practically any surface you wish including ceilings, railings, floors, windows, walls and even stair risers. The possibilities are endless, so you can be as creative as you want to be to create these unique promotional signs.

You can even add graphics to vans, boats, trailers, and basically any method of transportation you can think of. Choose between having the full vehicle wrapped; in graphics or just a partial area.

4. Keep It photo 2

When it comes to designing a sign for your business, less is more. Try to emphasize only the key information that you want to convey to the audience.

For example, you can use white space - aka the area that isn't covered by any text or images - to put a focus on what you want the audience to read. Consider leaving a little less than half of the sign to white space to increase readability.

On top of increasing readability, creating minimal designs is on trend right now, with bold fonts and ample white space.

5. Use Color to Attract Customers

People associate color with a brand's identity. Your unique brand colors will serve as the basis of good signage.

Try not to overwhelm the sign with multiple colors because it can take away from your message. Instead, choose a dominant color to focus on and use a few contrasting shades to create a good color combination.

One way to have your text really “pop” on your sign is to pair up light colors with dark backgrounds.

Using colors with good contrast is not only attention-grabbing but also allows your message to be read quickly and easily.

6. Try a New Material

Did you know that there are inflatable signs? You can create a customized inflatable sign that attracts a lot of attention to help with your promotional marketing.

This unique idea can help you stand out from other companies out there. Plus, inflatable signs can vary in size depending on the area where you place them. photo 37. Have Signs in Different Sizes

Occasionally, you will see signs that are too large or too small for the area where they are placed - and it doesn't look right.

Smaller signs belong where the viewer can get close to it, such as near the entrance to your business or in the parking lot.

Larger signs will attract the eyes of more people because they're more visible from further away, including on busy streets, in open areas such as arenas, or higher up on taller buildings.

When planning for your new sign, take a moment to really look at it and see if there is anything that doesn't seem right. Many times, people overcomplicate signs - and this is something you can edit early on. The editing stage is a good time to see if the spacing works between the letters and other elements.

Assuming the ratios stay the same when enlarged to a larger size, it will look the same in its final stage.

Using a mixture of small, medium, and large signs is a good way to attract customers and diversify your marketing strategy.

8. Consider Custom Pole Banners

Pole banners work well as a unique sign design for a business because their elevation allows them to capture the attention of people driving by.

These durable banners can work for any type of business, from a coffee shop to an apartment complex. The more you have, the bigger the impact on the viewer.

Upgrade Your Signage

Consider these options to take your business signage to the next level.

As a provider of professional graphics solutions, Image360 helps companies of all sizes find new ways to market their businesses.

Take a look at our blog for even more ways your signs can help promote your business.


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