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5 Reasons to Use Car Graphics and Wrap Advertising for Your Business

5 Reasons to Use Car Graphics and Wrap Advertising for Your Business


The average small business spends 1% of their revenue on advertising. It's a small but significant amount, and where you choose to spend it matters.

What does your ad budget currently look like? Are you funneling money into channels that aren't performing for you?

Perhaps search engine ads are failing miserably. or local directory listings aren't getting any calls.

It might be time to step away from online and print ads and get creative with car wrap advertising. Using your vehicles to advertise your services is a smart tactic that's capable of providing a huge number of qualified leads.

Want the full details on how vehicle wraps could send your sales skyrocketing?

Keep reading.

1. They Get More Impressions Than Other Ads

Research shows that in some areas, vehicles can be viewed by more than 3,000 potential customers per hour.

That's a serious number of impressions, right?

In addition to reaching a staggering number of potential customers, you'll also benefit from more qualified prospects. If you're running a local business, you can be confident that most of the people viewing your ads are living in the local area or visit often.

If you're providing services unique to motorists, you'll benefit from having plenty of drivers see your ads - particularly if you utilize your vehicles that get the most exposure and time on the road.

Even ads targeting pedestrians can work well if you drive around the right areas.

Car wrap advertising often works out to be less per impression than other tactics like search engine marketing or social media marketing, making it more cost-effective in the long run.

Sometimes the tried and true methods are still the best performers for your money.

2. They Help Establish Your Business Locally

Just started a new business and want to make a name for yourself in the local area?

Investing in car wrap advertising is a smart move.

Not only will you get the attention of local residents, you'll also start to build up trust - if your vehicles are out and about, then viewers know that other local people are already using your services.

Driving around in an unmarked white van won't do anything to build your reputation, but having a wrapped vehicle with strong, eye-catching branding could turn you into a household name on a long enough timeline.

The more memorable your vehicle wrap design, the more likely you are the get noticed quickly, so spend some time thinking about this. If in doubt, hire a professional designer to create the best possible wrap.

Local people love to hire businesses they're familiar with - and vehicle wraps are sure to get you known around town.

3. They Increase Brand Recognition

Whether you're running a local or national business, building a brand image that's easily recognized is very important.

Let's say you're running a courier business.

Your competitor has spent some serious money on branding all their lorries to look like rainbow-colored unicorns - while yours are a standard plain white.

Which delivery company are people most likely to recognize, remember, and pay for services from?

It's going to be the unicorn lorries.

This may an extreme example, but it accurately illustrates how the right vehicle wrap can make a huge difference to your brand recognition efforts - particularly if your business is heavily based on transportation.

Don't let a competitor get ahead of you just because they've invested in great wraps.

4. They're Cheap and Easy to Update

Want to advertise a seasonal promotion, a special deal, or a time-limited service?

No problem!

Since vehicle wraps aren't permanent and don't cost too much to install, you have the freedom to change them any time you choose.

You might have a holiday-themed wrap in winter, and then switch it to a beach theme in summer.

If you're releasing a new product and you want to build hype, you could decorate all of your vehicles with a custom wrap for a limited period of time.

Using time-sensitive vehicle wraps is a great way to show that you're modern, current, and always improving your offering. Compare that to a business that has seven-year-old vinyl vehicle branding or no branding at all - which would you hire?

You can easily customize your wraps with details that help you track leads from specific marketing campaigns. You could display a dedicated phone number, the URL for a unique landing page, or a code for a special discount.

Since wraps aren’t meant to be forever, they give you the freedom in your budget to experiment and see what works best for your business.

5. They Help You Get Extra Value from Your Vehicles

You've spent some serious money on company vehicles, right?

So, why not recoup some of that cost by placing ads which will win you new customers?

It's a smart way to get more value out of an investment you've already made, without having to spend a fortune.

If your vehicle wrap ads bring in enough customers, it could help to cover the cost of new vehicles. Then, these can be wrapped themselves creating an endless cycle of profit!

A good businessperson is always looking for ways to maximize their existing assets. Instead of planning grand advertising campaigns that involve whole new platforms, focus on making the most of what you already have.

The longer you wait to get your vehicles wrapped, the more potential revenue you're missing out on - so don't hang around for too long.

Why Invest in Car Wrap Advertising?

Car wrap advertising is a no-brainer for any business that already owns any kind of vehicle.

Every time you drive your car without a wrap, you're missing out on a valuable chance to establish your brand, get more leads, and build customer trust.

Even if you're not sure that vehicle wrap advertising is for you, it’s easy to test on one or more of your vehicles. Then, by using a system that allows you to track which leads are generated by the wrap, you can analyze the results to help you decide your next move.

With so much hype around online advertising, it's easy to ignore conventional methods – but you could be missing out on potential leads and revenue. 

Get started with vehicle wrap advertising and see what opportunities you’ve been missing.


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