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Five Innovative Ways to Use Yard Signs

Five Innovative Ways to Use Yard Signs


Creativity is often at ends with the split-second readability of roadside advertising, though yard signs can be the notable exception – if done right.

Sure, you could blanket your entire block in corrugated plastic signs along with everyone else. But will anyone remember the design you agonized over, the copy you edited down to a four-word call to action, or the contact information you were forced to print in miniscule font? As a business, organization, or political campaign, you’ll likely be competing with hundreds of others for the attention of already distracted drivers.

So, what can be done to capture the eyes of passing motorist while still getting your message across? We know you might have racked your brain for hours about how to differentiate one yard sign from the next (there’s only so much you can do with plastic!), but don’t worry. We’ve compiled a list of innovative ways to ramp up your outdoor advertising strategy with lawn signs.

Put your creativity hats on. Here are a few off-the-wall ideas that’ll help you stand out.

1. Laughter is the best medicine – especially for a floundering yard sign campaign.

Humor can establish rapport, trigger memorability, and connect us to a shared experience. Naturally, you’ll want to tap into these positive psychological effects and associate them with your business. The problem is this: what’s funny to a schoolteacher might fall flat with a student and vice versa. How do you make a joke that is appealing to both demographics without offending anyone?

Well, it might not matter. According to a recent study from the University of Colorado, Denver, we tend to remember the extremes, anyway – the hilarious ads and the completely awful ones. Your best bet is likely to go for broke and take a few creative risks with your copy. They may pay off, regardless of your comedic prowess.

In the same research, they found message comprehension improved with a one-line joke. Keep your wisecracks short and sweet (there’s not much space on a yard sign in the first place), and drivers will have more time on their hands to contemplate the services you offer.

2. It’s 2018. Take advantage of the internet’s presence everywhere.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with putting the standard contact information – company name, address, phone number – on your plastic lawn signs. If you’re in real estate, you may even want to put up your website address and license number.

However, yard signs cater not only to motor traffic, but pedestrian foot traffic as well.These potential patrons have a little more time on their hands; they can see signs from a distance, stop, and take down information if they’d like.

QR codes are a great tool to give these people more information. Taking down tidbits on a phone screen or a small notepad can be cumbersome, especially along a sidewalk or someone else’s lawn.A simple scan can bring people to a contact form or newsletter signup page, allowing you to influence them later on down the road should they sign up.

Those still on the fence about your product or service will be walking through the door in no time at all.

3. Why place one sign when you can place five or six?

Familiar with those old Burma Shave signs? The company revolutionized roadside marketing by segmenting catchy poetry and giving each line its own road sign. The result was huge: the business came back from the brink of insolvency, and suddenly everybody could recite the company’s jingles off the top of their head.

Having a narrative through-line woven through a series of signs can be compelling for drivers. Combine this method with a comedic call to action, and everyone will be at the edge of their seats, anticipating the final punchline.

4. Directional arrows can motivate the adventurous and impulsive.

If you happen to offer a service that a driver needs at that exact moment, a lawn sign isn’t as accessible as some might assume. Would-be customers are either forced stop their car and block traffic, or park in a stranger’s driveway. Not exactly neighborly behavior.

Harnessing their excitement and motivation can be as simple as adding directional and wayfinding elements to your lawn signage. Help drivers navigate to your storefront or office by pointing them in the right direction. Placing a map on your coroplast signs is also a possibility, though you’ll probably need to print them in larger dimensions.

5. Know what dimensional lettering is? Look it up.

A yard sign is always an opportunity for branding. Your company’s identity is of the utmost importance to finding new clientele, especially if you’re offering a commodity or a common service.

Emphasize your business’s name with large block, 3D lettering. This will give the effect that the name is jumping off the face of the sign. Not only does this differentiate your yard signs from the generic, flat design of your competitors, but it draws eyes to the company’s title before any other messaging is conveyed.

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