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10 Tips for Creating a Successful Custom Trade Show Display

10 Tips for Creating a Successful Custom Trade Show Display


A good trade show booth is easy to see. It's often the one that’s standing out with a lot of traffic as well as staff who are collecting qualified sales leads left and right!

How can you replicate that achievement, even if you’re new to event marketing or are working with a limited budget? Here are 10 tips that can help make your trade show marketing a success:


  1. Lighten up. Illumination is often paramount to effective trade show marketing. Even with a simple lighting system, you can call attention to certain products, illuminate demonstrations or brighten your entire trade show booth.


  1. Employ high-quality graphics. Significant advancements have been made in photography and printing, so you’ll want to keep up with—if not outdo—competitors at your next trade show! This is no time for shortcuts; work with a design professional to develop, format and print your exhibition design graphics to the highest degree of quality.


  1. Get organized. A messy pile of promotional materials detracts from your exhibition design. Literature racks will help you present brochures, technical sheets and other items in a neat and professional manner.


  1. Avoid overloading. The temptation may be to show and tell it all. Yet presenting too much information at your trade show booth may overwhelm visitors at initial glance or, worse yet, discourage them from visiting it altogether. One solution? Allow your visitors to control their own flow of knowledge using touchscreens, literature or TV displays, as well as staff inquiries.


  1. Take a stand. Affordable and flexible, incorporate retractable banner stands in your exhibition design. Another plus: They allow you to easily swap out graphics from show to show if appealing to different audiences or featuring a new product or service.


  1. Make space. Contests, giveaways and product demonstrations pull people to your trade show booth. When planning your exhibit system, be sure that you have sufficient room for these in-booth activities.


  1. Add interaction. The best custom trade show exhibits help visitors experience services or products. In your exhibition design, make it easy for them to hear, see, taste or touch your offerings.


  1. Reach higher. Hanging displays can be a great way to take your signage to new heights. With them, you’ll take your exhibition design up a notch—allowing attendees to see your branding from across the floor.


  1. Maintain branding. From banners, signs, podiums, giveaways and even the apparel that members of your staff are wearing, every element of your custom trade show display should cohesively display your branding.


  1. Keep it simple. If you’re new to event marketing and custom trade show displays, know that overthinking often leads to overspending. Often the best initial approach is to keep exhibit systems simple until you’ve had time to experiment and observe what works—and what doesn’t!


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